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Management system for your properties

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Easy and fast service request, quick response

Our innovative easy-to-use platform enables customers to send their requests and orders or submit any issue by just the touch of a button. A new way to eliminate all the stress from your business in dealing with customer requests.


User experience focused

A responsive system across all platforms, allows for a more unified user experience where all users are confident that they can always request the service or express any issue they have in the easiest 3 step way.


Easy to work with

You, as a business, customise all the requests on the users front end from the admin panel. Easily and hassle free handle any requests or orders submitted and solve any raised issues.

For any service providing business. Estate managers, property maintenance companies, restaurants just to name few
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How does it work?

It is designed with the latest technology where each customer or business unit is assigned a unique QR code. Whenever a customer needs to order the service or experiences an issue that requires attention , he or she scans the QR code, selects the order/request, inputs any additional vital information that may be needed, attaches pictures if applicable and then submits. The admin or the customer service centre receives the message with full details of the issue ,as sent by the customer. The message comes as a mobile phone notification also. From then on, action is taken to handle the orders or rectify any problem or any issues raised by the customer. The administrator can now expedite action based on information sent in from the customers by calling a person to provide the service or to fix the problem, raising a ticket or registering the issues depending on the company policy, updating the status of the job done as started, ongoing or completed, and then keeping a report on the job done. ;

Keep your customers happy while operating your business stress free.
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